The training programms and schools of YWAM Madrid offer relevant and practical teachings from a christian and biblical point of view seeking for a practical application to day to day life.

We currentlyhave three schools working at our centre.


DTS – Discipleship Training School


Our purpose in life as Christians could well be summarized as “To know God and make him known”. And that is precisely the purpose of a DTS.

6 months designed to help you grow as a disciple and equip you for evangelism; getting to know God and your identity, value and destiny in God, as well as developing an attitude of service, humility and increasing faith as you see God at work.

The experience you gain at this school will definately change your life, but it depends on you!

The DTS is a basic requirement to apply to any further training or schooling at YWAM International’s University of The Nations.


“Engánchate” (spanish for: get conected) – Missionary development Course.

The  MDC better know at YWAM Torrejón as engánchate is a 6 week course designred to give students basic knowledge and tools to live in a transcultural setting. It is an ideal course to process and explore mission oportunities as an optional carreer. The course content is ideal for people who want to develop their cross cultural abilities in order to do a better job at living side by side with people from other cultures within their own neighboorhood or city.


SOW – School of worship

The school of worship is a school designed to help musicians, singers, worship leaders and anyone who wants to get involved in the worship ministry to understand the biblical principals of how and why we worship our God. For the time beeing we hold one school per year in Madrid, though our goal is to open new schools in other parts of Spain.