The volunteers project is a Bridge to the Nations initiative of the Youth With a Misión ministry in Torrejón de Ardoz and it offers the oportunity of joining one of our trips of international cooperation to India.

The project started as a platform for spanish volunteers to get involved in missions as well as helping those in need.
You could say we discovered a “market oportunity”.  There were many people who wanted to help in India but with little knowledge of who to do it with or how. We provide an oportunity of working with an established institution, under the covering of a missions organizations, as part of a team for people to turn the desire of travelling to an undeveloped country into a real experience. 



Seeking to cover the needs of Spaniards, we know the best time for a more than a weekend long trip (roughly three week long)  is during summer holidays. July or August depending on the needs of the group that is going.   


For the last 6 years we have been working with the Hope of Glory Foundation in it’s Father Heart project that rescues boys and girls from the street in Pune, India.
Our goal is to rescue the largest number of boys and girls at risk and bring social, phisical, emotional and spiritual restoration giving them an oportunity to live a childlike life. For this purpose the Father Heart Project works giving counselling to street kids and their families. In some fortunate cases we are able to restore the children back to their parent’s homes whereas at other times the children will continue to live at our home where  they will be given a healthy childhood with a proper diet and standard education.

There are also opportunities to serve in other parts of the country like Bangalore or Dharmapuri, visiting lepper centers and helping in the area of health or as support to the orphanages we help in that part of the country.  

Who can come?

Anyone of age who is willing to come on an adventure that without a doubt will change your life and those who are eagerly waiting for  you and for your hands, your time or your smile.
If this is you and you feel compelled to do something about it, please don’t hesitate to  get in touch with us.


Email: panvoluntarios@jcum.com
Office Phone Number: 91 6764371